Pimp Your Terminal for Kubernetes

In this blog i will list some of the tools that could pimp your Mac terminal for Kubernetes

It simply better terminal with better tabs and windows management than Mac default terminal.

it replaces bash! it makes plugin installations and aliases easier.

kube-ps1 will show the cluster and namespace you are in on the terminal prompt.


kubectx and kubens
If you are tired from kubectl config use-context, kubectx and kubens makes it easy to switch between cluster and namespaces.

kubectx demo GIF
kubens demo GIF

Create Aliases
You can simple enter below as zsh aliases

alias k='kubectl'
alias kg='kubectl get'
alias kgpo='kubectl get pod'

I don’t recommend more than those. in my case i tend to forget my own aliases and role back to the normal commands 🙂

More and more i am becoming dependent on K9s. it is CLI UI for K8s! it give the capability to visualize and switch between K8s objects on your terminal.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code
if you like Microsoft Visual Studio Code, you could use zsh instead of bash as your terminal. and you will get all above goodies in VSC. you can even install Kubernetes plugin and visualize your clusters and namespaces and witch between them by simply clicking at them. VSC will provide the capability to edit Yaml files and see your terminal on single window

I personally prefer iTerm2 as it is lighter and easier to arrange with other windows such as browsers.

Even though Octant is not a terminal tool. i will list it here because you can simply launch it from your terminal.
It is a live GUI for K8s that run locally on client machine by simply entering “octant”. it will pull the info from the config files and access your K8s clusters. It is way better than Kubernetes native dashboard.

Octant demo

Now you can run demos as a Pro!

Thank you for reading!

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